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22 September 2017

On 27th September the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking will organize the European Parliamentthe BBI JU walking exhibition. 

The BBI JU walking exhibition is an innovative and engaging way to show how everyday objects can have bio-based ingredients, and that the application of bio-based technologies offers new opportunities for developing the bio-economy in Europe.

This unique, vanguard exhibition presents several bio-based products from more than a dozen companies, displaying current, concrete realization of the bio-economy.

Among these, even bioproducts made by FIRST2RUN project, starting from low input oilseed crops (such as thistle), cultivated on arid and/or marginal land.

For more information please vist the website www.bbi-europe.eu/events/bbi-ju-walking-exhibition-biotech-week-european-parliament-brussels