TracexNovamont: an open innovation project

10 December 2018

Several opportunities of collaborating with start-up and SMEs have been detected along the value chains, demonstrating that FIRST2RUN can act as catalyser of new innovations and markets opportunities both in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

For the purpose Novamont, within TraceXNovamont,  has carried out a screening of these opportunities and of the SMEs and start-up profiles which could be of high interest for future activities connected to FIRST2RUN value chains.

TracexNovamont is an open innovation project promoted in order to find new solutions to multiply the opportunities for the Novamont bioplastic and biochemical value chain, exploring the entire innovation ecosystem and stimulating new flows of knowledge in synergy with other innovators.

In particular two main clusters of interest have been identified:

i) Cluster I: Solutions and technologies to support industrial processes

ii) Cluster II: Expansion of the agro-industrial value chain

In particular the following areas of applications have been identified regarding the Cluster I:


Industrial biochemistry: innovative technologies, materials and processes

  • Engineering and development of integrated systems for crushing of seeds and solvent extraction
  • New applications for biochemicals and bioproducts
  • Innovative systems for the downstream and purification of biochemicals

Lignocellulosic biomass valorisation

  • Pyrogasification systems for the valorization of lignocellulosic cardoon biomass into electric and thermal energy production, suitable for being applied in a farming system
  • Systems for sugars extraction from biomass
  • Systems for biomass feeding and pre-treatment

Precision farming

  • Systems for the mechanization of dry crops cultivation and fractions harvesting
  • Sensors and tools for crops monitoring
  • Resources efficiency systems

By-products valorisation

  • Technologies for CO2 and other waste streams conversion into high value products

Regarding the cluster II, new areas of applications of the biobased products and intermediates have been identified to further expand the market opportunities. In particular new applications could be developed in collaboration with SMEs as end-users of biorefinery materials in the following areas; bioplastics, food and nutraceutical sector, cosmetics, animal feed.

An open call was launched to select SMEs and start-up with suitable technical profiles and wishing to establishing open-innovation collaborations along the identified areas of interest. The activities will be carried out in collaboration with the Circular Economy Lab, a new joint platform between Fondazione Cariplo and Banca Intesa San Paolo, acting as facilitator of the initiative.