Regions as engines of the European Bioeconomy: mapping & strategies

18 February 2016

One of the main focus areas for ERRIN’s (European Regions Research and Innovation Network) Bioeconomy working group in 2015 was to identify the importance of Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) for the growth of the regional Bioeconomy sector. One of the outcomes from this priority has been the execution of a mapping exercise to facilitate the planning of the working group’s activities. The findings from the mapping exercise may also be used to partner the ERRIN regions that find the same or complementing priorities in their Smart Specialisation Strategies. Furthermore, the mapping aimed at indicating what obstacles the regions find when they are building Bioeconomy value chains in their regions. This information may be used to improve policy making and to direct funding where it is most needed.

The Bioeconomy Working Group also organised on 20th March 2015 an event in collaboration with ERIAFF and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) entitled “Boosting economic growth and facilitating investments through Bioeconomy: How to build effective regional strategies”. This event included presentations from main institutions and organisations in the field of Bioeconomy. The afternoon was dedicated to two regional panels discussing the current needs and obstacles in the implementation of a Bioeconomy strategy on regional and national level. For more information, please go the ERRIN’s webpage. Conclusions from the regional panels on 20th March have been used as input for a consensus document developed by ERRIN, ERIAFF and BIC to highlight the four main steps in developing and implementing a regional Bioeconomy strategy.

YOu can download the final version of the consensus document along with the results and conclusions from the S3 bioeconomy mapping.

SOURCE Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC)