FIRST2RUN project case study at Biocirce, the first Italian Master in Bioeconomy in the Circular economy

27 January 2017

On 23 January 2017, the first edition of Biocirce,  the Master in Bioeconomy in the Circular economy, started. The Master is organized by four Italian universities – University of Turin, University of Milan Bicocca, University of Bologna and University of Naples Federico II –  with the support of four of the main Italian bioeconomy players (Novamont, GFBiochemicals, Cluster SPRING and Science Park of Lodi) and the Italian leading banking Group Intesa Sanpaolo.

The Master offers an extensive training program for professionals interested in working within the bio-based goods and services industry, which uses biological resources and bio-technological processes. The program allows the professionals to go in depth in all the aspects related to the production and marketing  aspects of bio-based products, whilst using the latest technology.

On 25 January 2017, during the first module at University of Milan Bicocca, Cecilia Giardi, NOVAMONT’s Program Manager, presented First2Run project and explained how the BBI JU intends to support European bioeconomy through the implementation of highly innovative value chains. During her presentation, Cecilia Giardi showed how low input oilseed cultures (for example thistle), cultivated on arid and/or marginal land, can be used to extract vegetable oils to be converted into bio-monomers as building blocks for bioproducts such as biolubricants, cosmetics, bioplastics, additives.