FIRST2RUN case study in Sardinia at an event attended by 150 students

26 March 2017

The FIRST2RUN project was presented as a case study during the conference “I luoghi della chimica verde” (The places of green chemistry) held in Porto Torres (Sardinia) on 24 March 2017.

The conference is a spin-off of an Memorandum of Understanding promoted by the Municipality of Porto Torres in September 2016, with the aim to spread to the local schools the knowledge of the green chemistry’s chain.

NOVAMONT, coordinator of the project FIRST2RUN, presented the project and the company’s development model based on the integration of biorefineries into local areas in partnership with all stakeholders of the value-chain. The case study of Matrìca and its innovative bioproducts from renewable raw materials were presented as a concrete example of integrated biorefinery.

The conference also saw the participation and testimony from various realities of the territory: companies, schools, public institution, trade associations and citizens.

During the conference, it was also organized an exhibition, in order to show concrete everyday solutions offered by the bioeconomy. Among these, even bioproducts made by FIRST2RUN project, starting from low input oilseed crops (such as thistle), cultivated on arid and/or marginal land.


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