FIRST2RUN at the Biolinx’s brokerage event

28 April 2018

On 11th April 2018 the BioLinX’s brokerage event has been organized in Milan in the framework of the BioLinX project and focused on promising bio-economy value chains and innovative initiatives exploiting industrial biotechnologies, bio-sourcing raw materials and/or bio-transforming products, while promoting sustainable behavioral practices and virtuous cycles such as recycling.

During the event companies presented their projects and innovations regarding the application of biobased materials in specific value chains such as cosmetics, detergents and cleaning products, industrial biotech and food ingredients and other manufacturing sectors.

Novamont has been invited to show the First2Run project. In particular was presented how from low-input underutilised oil crops that grow easily in arid marginal lands it is possible to realise bio-monomers that are the starting point for a range of a high added value bioproducts such as biolubricants, cosmetics and bioplastics.