First2Run: a virtuous industrial model to turns vegetable oil into bio-products

01 December 2017

First2Run reaches halfway mark


Important results already achieved“First2Run is essentially halfway to its target,” says coordinator Luigi Capuzzi. The EU-funded project has set up a refinery in Sardinia to make plastics, cosmetics, lubricants and herbicides from plant oils. As Capuzzi explains, “Important results have been achieved in development of both the agricultural side and the chemical process, which has already been tested on an industrial scale.”

Some of the plastics resulting from this process have also been successfully tested, while the first cosmetics and lubricants are ready for the laboratory. “The EU’s contribution is vital as it goes towards funding a special research and development stage that enables the laboratory to reach its full industrial potential,” Capuzzi points out.

The results of First2Run are shared with similar projects elsewhere in Europe. “Italy has proven itself to be a leading player in the bioeconomy,” says Capuzzi, adding that, “Dissemination is one of the aspects of European projects that we really care about.”