First technical meeting update FIRST2RUN

22 January 2016

On the 19 and 20 January 2016 all Partners ‐ Matrìca, SIP, SoliQzBV, Biophil Central Europe, University of Bologna ‐ attended the first technical meettng organized at NOVAMONT facilities, to update and plan activities at the 6th month from project’s launch.
Within this two‐days meetting, a full agenda has been presented, comprising an overall review of the project objectives and milestones, administrative and management issues, technical presentations of Work packages.
Up to now, according to time scheduling of the project, one of the most intense activity has been foreseen in WP1, dedicated to Oil Crops production and management.
The main objective of one of this activity is to provide an overview of the agronomic protocols for cardoon cultivation and field management that Novamont has tested and validated at demo scale in the last years in Sardinia in order to fix the optimal protocol that will be used for achieving the targeted productivity within the FIRST2RUN project.
According to experimental fields trials, and to internal studies carried out in the last 4 years within cardoon cultivation and management, data and results was resumed and matched in order to identify the protocol to be followed for the large scale demonstration of the cardoon crop cultivation that will be achieved in the FIRST2RUN project.